The purpose of  this webpage is to make the thematic"America-UPAEP",created by the 
 Postal Union America-Spain-Portugal ("PUASP"),accesible to philatelist friends all over the world.
  I am presenting the different stamps emited for the major events of the PUASP history with informations about issues'dates,quantities of stamps,postal rates. My main purpose is to collect the maximum number of stamps ON CIRCULATED COVERS,also you will find my want-list of these.(without philatelic covers!)
   I will be grateful to anyone who could help me for the improvement of the informations contained in this page and ,of course, to anyone who will improve my covers'collection!

More informations over the" PUASP" can be found on the theirofficial web site at: http://www.upaep.com.uy
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        The origin of "PUASP" is the postal agreement conclued in Bogota (Colombia) in 1838 and signed by Ecuador,Venezuela,Colombia giving birth to the "Grand Colombia Union" with close'union and total frienship between parties.Ten years later,this example of international cooperation will lead to the Lima'convention in 1848 between Bolivia,Chile,Colombia,Ecuador and Peru.
   En 1864,again in Lima,a new union and  postal collaboration is agreed by Bolivia,Colombia,
Guatemala,El Salvador,Venezuela and Peru with scope of facilitating and improving to a very large scale  the postal relationships between all these countries.
   On july 17th 1911,the "Bolivariano postal agreement"is concluded in Caracas (Venezuela) with Bolivia,Colombia,Ecuador,Peru and Venezuela as parties.
Several congress,beginning with the 1911's one,participate to the evolution of that history and are presented later on :